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...children using their fingers instead of words

I've got a spiritual cramp going for my ribs

8/11/07 05:22 am - nydecay - Drop Dead DJ Tour Coming to Europe in Less then 2 Weeks!

Attention European clubs and promoters, we still have some dates available for the Drop Dead DJ Tour.

You get some of the best of Deathrock, Wave, Post-Punk,Art Punk/Synth, Minimal and Goth DJ’s from all over the world, (USA, UK, Germany and more), CD giveaways as well as Drop Dead magazines and Festival tickets. We will also be covering this tour for the Drop Dead Magazine, so we hope to see the best of the best of the European scene.

We have a large mailing list of people who are already interested in Drop Dead Magazine and Festival. We will be e-mailing all the lists and posting about all the dates.

Special Features:
We have some great new music for you from USA and all over the world. Your patrons will have a chance to dance and hear some amazing international music. This is also a chance to meet promoters , DJs and writers from: Gothic Pogo Party (Leipzig , Germany) NY Decay Productions (NY), Drop Dead Festival, Drop Dead Magazine, Dead and Berried (London, UK), Crimson Night Germany, Outsider Parties Germany. Ghost Dance Germany.

We have Dates Available August 24- October 30, we are especially interested in events happening during weekdays because most weekends are already booked up (we still have few open so just ask)

7/27/07 11:10 pm - nydecay - DD Invades Europe 8/24-11/4 Are you ready?

Can’t Wait till Drop Dead Festival October 31st? Well we got great news for you. Drop Dead DJ’s are going on tour of Europe. There will be warm up events all across Europe August 24 – November 4th!

You have following to look forward to: Great Music spun by the international DJ’s, Giveaways from many great bands, Merch booth with cool buttons, stickers, shirts, Drop Dead Magazines and Tickets to Drop Dead Festival.
In short join us for Dancing, Drinking and really Great Music. We promise to spin lots of new music too, so if you think there is nothing new that’s good out there, this is your chance to discover great new stuff
Promoters: We are still booking and have open dates so if you want t set up a party r invite us to join your regular event get in touch at nydecay at gmail.com!

We will be covering this tour for the Drop Dead Magazine so come represent your scene and show us why your home town kicks ass

Also NYC Art Punks Din Glorious are available for booking October 28 – 30th. This is their First time in Europe so don’t miss this rear chance!
Get the Latest Info: To get the latest info about the tour join our

Forum http://www.nydecay.com/community
Mailing list http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/DropDeadFestival
Our website: http://www.nydecay.com/


7/23/07 12:05 am - nydecay - Drop Dead Magazine Issue 4 -

Issue 4 is almost done ladies and gentlemen.

In the mean time you can subscribe or order current issue 3 or for that matter any of the past issues

HERE http://dropdeadmagazine.com/sc.htm

You can also get your band or whatever advertised. There is Still Some Time

Here are some Issue 4 pages for ya:

6/10/07 01:22 pm - nydecay - Calling all European Promoters and Club owners DD Tour

Calling all European Promoters and Club owners

We will be doing a European Drop Dead Promo Tour tentatively scheduled for August – September before Drop Dead Prague.

There will be 3 permanent DJ’s on tour

- Me

- Lakini Malich (Din Glorious singer, Drop Dead/NY Decay DJ

- DJ It Sicko (Gothic Pogo Party, Dead bat Dance)

We will also be joined by one or two Drop Dead associated guest DJ’s from all over the world at each gig.

+ We will have Drop Dead Magazines and will be able to set up a release party in each location

+ We can set up special things at each location like giveaways from Drop Dead Festival Related bands.

+ The whole tour will be promoted heavily by all the members of the tour. We will be printing flyers and posters as well as doing loads of internet promotion


We are looking for booking in every country of Europe.

If you would like to book us and have a specific date or dates in mind please let me know.

I might be able to help you book a band for that night too if you like

if you want to be part of this tour please post dates you are available and your country. You don’t have to be booked for Drop Dead Prague this year to participate but those DJ’s will be give a preference

To contribute, join or follow the lattest about this tour go to our messege board:


Thanks guys!


5/25/07 04:39 pm - kynim

Vastavirta-klubilla keskiviikkona 20.6. Anti-Kontrol, Kohu-63 ja Basta Basta. Tulkaapa ihmeessä katselemaan kuinka me ryssitään eka keikkamme!

No, oikeasti luvassa vitun hyvää hardcorea kaikilta bändeiltä.

5/7/07 03:08 am - nydecay - Drop Dead Prague 2007

Hey guys if you want to help or be part of Drop Dead Prague in any way please try to find me on instant messenger. I have most of them and the name is "nydecay"


Also dont forget the forum http://www.nydecay.com/community
DDF website http://dropdeadfestival.com
DDF myspace http://www.myspace.com/dropdead_festival
DDF mailing list http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/DropDeadFestival

1/28/07 01:54 pm - nydecay - Attention Ghouls: NY Decay/Drop Dead Forums are back up!

We use to have a Drop Dead Forum that had a good number of members and loads of conversations.
It got hacked a while ago and I never put it up.

But with Drop Dead Festival, Magazine, NY Decay Productions and NY Decay Collective as well as other Decay companies popping up (our sister companies) and gearing up for Drop Dead Prague which will involve collaboration between a huge number of Deathrock, Punk and Psychobilly promoters well.. I figured it’s time to put the forum back up.

Here it is ghouls: http://www.nydecay.com/community/index.php

1/21/07 11:51 pm - nuenikk

löysin sattumalta yhteisön ja pakko oli heti liittyä :) deathrockin lisäksi kulutan hc:ta ja jos jonkunlaista indietä, asustelen lahdessa ja minut voi bongata ainakin useimmista schatteneista.

1/12/07 01:20 pm - nydecay - New Drop Dead Magazine T-Shirts

We have a new Drop Dead Magazine T-shirts, exclusively for our gold subscribers. These are the shirts you will be getting in March with your issues 3.

We only have a limited number of those shirts and they will go only to people getting the gold subscription before March issue comes out

To subscribe Go Here

Covers of Current and past issues:

12/30/06 12:00 am - nydecay - Happy New Year Every One

Drop Dead Magazine

12/1/06 04:24 pm - goth_tart - Anything happening in Helsinki Fri 8 December?

Hi, I'm a British goth heading over to Helsinki next week for a couple of days on business. I've just found out that my flight home is scheduled for Saturday lunchtime, which means I'll have some time to kill on Friday night. I've never been to Finland before nevermind Helsinki so I'll be feeling a little lost!

Is there anything cool happening? Any goth-friendly bars/clubs I should visit? I'm waiting for the name of the hotel where I'm staying to be confirmed but I guess it'll be fairly central. All suggestions will be gratefully accepted! Thanks

11/21/06 11:19 am - the_decomposers


11/9/06 04:51 pm - ximmo

Goth/Wave Rock & some old-school EBM/industrial spices innocently presented by DJ Santtu & Gwion

16. 12. 2006 Klo 21:00-03:00
Kantis, Ruoholahdenkatu 4, Kamppi, Helsinki
Ticket prices etc. follow shortly...

CD release party for the last Strobelight Records releases:
Kaliffornian Deathrock and Voices of Masada “Another Day”

more information: nightfall@notimetocry.org

Sounds like:
1919 - A Wedding Anniversary - Alien Sex Fiend - All Gone Dead - The Arch - Athamay - Bauhaus - Blackhouse - Bollock Brothers - Bomb Circle - Bone Orchard - Brighter Death Now - Burning Gates - Carter USM - The Cassandra Complex - The Chameleons - Children on Stun - Christian Death - Cinema Strange - Clan of Xymox - Coil - The Creatures - The Cult - The Cure - DAF- Danse Society - The Dark - The Deep Eynde - Die Krupps - Dorsetshire - Dream Disciples - Dronning Maud Land - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elusive - Engelsstaub - Esplendor Geometrico - Every New Dead Ghost - Fad Gadget - The Fair Sex - Faith and the Muse - Frank The Baptist - Funhouse - Garden of Delight - Gary Numan - Ghost of Lemora - Girls Under Glass - Götterdämmerung - Hunting Lodge - In Slaughter Natives - Incubus Sukkubus - Invincible Spirit - Jesus and Mary Chain - Joy Division - Killing Joke - Killing Miranda - Kiss The Blade - Libitina - London After Midnight - Love and Rockets - Love Like Blood - Manuskript - March Violets - Mephisto Walz - The Merry Thoughts - The Mission - Necrophilistic Anodyne - Nekromantik - New Days Delay - New Model Army - NFD - Nine Inch Nails - Nitzer Ebb - Ordeal By Fire - Passion Play - Pink Turns Blue - Psyche - Psychick TV - Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry - Rosetta Stone - Scarlet’s Remains - Scary Bitches - Screams For Tina - Sex Gang Children - Shadow Project - Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Sisters of Mercy - Skeletal Family - SPK - Stimmen der Stille - Suspiria - Tones on Tail - Throbbing Gristle - Velvet Underground - Violent Femmes - Virgin Prunes - Voices of Masada - Wipers - Xmal Deutschland - Zero Kama - Zombina & The Skeletones

and many others…

Please, spread the word!
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